Friday, August 5, 2011

Musical Improvisation for Children

I found this great book after several hours of online scavenging for a good piano introduction program for preschool age children.

Musical Improvisation for Children is an amazing book that is really suitable for any age. This book is part of the Creative Ability Development (CAD) series. The philosophy behind CAD is that each person is an artist. We all have creative potential, and the purpose of this series isn't to teach technique or learn theory, but is to help children learn to express their creativity in music. The accompanying CD is filled with beautiful and fun music capable of making anyone feel just a little bit more free to express themselves.

I chose this book because I have a son who is significantly speech and language delayed. Communication, we believe, is the real root of the majority of his frustrations, and therefore, his misbehavior. He also seems to have a real attachment to music. He is always humming or singing to himself. He has a surprising ability to learn the words to songs for someone who has so much trouble with words in general.

CAD and the Musical Improvisation for Children, focus on music and creativity as a form of communication. The book emphasises three basic rules.

  1. There are no mistakes
  2. You must listen (with full attention) while your child plays and then applaud when they are done.
  3. No criticism.
As I read through the few pages of instruction for parents I was excited to provide my son with a means of expresion and communication outside the bounds of his innate limits. I hope the program will help him gain confidents in himself and in his ability to communicate. Most of all I look forward to the opportunities it will give me as a parent to encourage my child and and also spend time with him doing something we both enjoy.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to add a little creativity or artistry to their own life or their child's. The book actually recommends that parents complete the program with their child. I think this is a great tool for young children but could also be beneficial for any age. If anything else, the music is beautiful and enjoyable just to listen to. Perfect music to play to, write to, paint to, or dance to.

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