Friday, April 6, 2012


After a considerable amount of thought I've decided to move. Pack your bags (or change your bookmarks), and join me at my new home

K's Book Nook

Why the very small change? When I was first thinking of starting this blog, I came across the blog Books, Sweets, and other Treats. I thought it was a fun idea to mix in treats and recipes with the book reviews. When I created my blog, I thought of the big bookstores with their cozy lighting and their little cafe in the corner. I thought it could be fun experience to somehow create that kind of atmosphere in blog format.

And so K's Book Cafe was created. And then I realized how terribly unambitious I actually am. I much prefer to curl up with my book for a few days, and then spend a few minutes whipping up a haphazard little pontification for my very few loyal readers.

So the cafe is closing down. Sadly, you will never know the cocoas, the dips, the sweets, and the pancakes that have been floating around in my head; but I will be sure to sip lots of cocoa on your behalf as I curl up with many words on many pages in my cozy little nook.

I am packing up and exporting all my old book posts, so don't worry, once I do some remodeling and get my unpacking done, all my reviews should be accounted for.